4 Majors of the University of Jinan Pass the 2018 Engineering Education Accreditation

Recently, the Higher Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education officially issued the “Notice on the Publication of the List of Majors Passing the Engineering Education Accreditation in 2018”, 460 majors in universities across the country accredited. There were four majors—including Materials Science and Engineering, Polymer Materials and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering as well as Water Supply and Drainage Science and Engineering—in our university passing the engineering education accreditation in 2018, achieving a new breakthrough in engineering education. The validity period of the accreditation lasts for 6 years. According to the notice of the Higher Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education and the China Engineering Education Accreditation Association, in 2019, another four majors—Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, and Civil Engineering—were accepted for engineering education accreditation; besides, the major of Chinese Language and Literature for the second-level teachers-training accreditation.

In these years, UJN leaders have attached great importance to undergraduate education and modernization of majors, vigorously promoted the accreditation of engineering education, and deployed accreditation-related work in advance. With the cooperation of relevant functional departments and great efforts of the teachers and students, gratifying results have been finally achieved. The accreditation of the four majors in 2018 not only opens up a new situation for the internationalization of engineering education in our university but also improves UJN’s core competitiveness and reputation. In the period to come, by focusing on the first-class undergraduate education with quality as its core, UJN will adhere to the fundamental task of establishing moral standards and cultivating talents, seize the opportunity to link with major projects on new and old kinetic energy conversion in Shandong Province, and take the accreditation of engineering education and teachers training as its key work. Moreover, UJN will further establish the education idea of "student-centered, results-oriented, and continuous improvement" to deepen the development of the majors and improve the quality of professional personnel training.

China's engineering education accreditation was launched in May 2006, and officially joined the Washington Accord in June 2016. The Washington Accord is the world's most influential international mutual recognition agreement for undergraduate majors in engineering education. The implementation of professional accreditation in engineering education is the basis and key to promoting the international mutual recognition of engineer qualifications, and is an important symbol of the internationalization of engineering education. Students trained in majors of engineering education can obtain professional qualifications of engineers in accordance with the requirements of professional engineers in relevant countries or regions, which will provide a “passport” with international mutual recognition quality standards for engineering students to head to the world arena.